About Me

I have been inspired by creation, and since my introduction to mechanical engineering on my FIRST high school robotics team (GRT 192), that inspiration has been directed to engineering. My passion lies in getting my hands dirty, combining brain and body to do construction and build robots, to work on cars, gadgets or bikes. I love math, grease, dust and metal. It’s been a good relationship so far.

In design projects, I claim an optimism that can outlast most creative ruts. Every project is a learning experience and is treated as such.

On a personal level, the outdoor world is my playground. I teach classes in acrobatics and acroyoga, and was a competition-level rock-climber in college. If I can, I’m outside in my free time, climbing and reading in trees, swimming or playing frisbee in the sun.

I’m ambitious. It means I work hard, because I work to become excellent and for the people who around me who are equally motivated. I have a fierce competitive streak, and do my best when I have a rival, or a partner I respect to push me to do better.


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