The inspiration: From OSHA statistics, roughly 1000 eye injuries happen in American workspaces daily. The design and style of safety goggles often deters people from wearing them; so how can we make them more appealing or comfortable?

The Objective: Assume that all incoming engineering students that you design for have a 3D scan of their head. Design a pair of safety goggles with two components: one off-the-shelf and one customized for each student’s face.

The Tools: Any CAD package

The Focus: comfort, protective ability, aesthetic, style

The Process:

Ideation in sketches

After a number of ideas, the most appealing was streamlined; a simple protective base with a shield that wrapped around the users head in a fitted way.

Moving to CAD

A 3D scan was created of my face, and to smooth out the mesh and lower polygon count for Solidworks use, a few manipulations and reconstructions were made in MeshLab.

Once in Solidworks, one can manipulate the surface body contours to create basic sketch entities that map to the users face.


A final render of the product was created.



To advertise the goggles, I went more in depth with an idea I’d had earlier in the ideation process. There is a mathematical definition of beauty determined by a man named Marquardt. He created an overlay mask that delineates the ratios and symmetry of a face that we conventionally consider “beautiful”…and in a way, designated beauty as a science. Building on that principle for a flyer, and overlaying these masks over a sunglasses ad from the 70s: