The inspiration: Silicone casting is a very important process in industry, hobby, and rapid prototyping. Try it.

The Objective: Cast something in silicone that fits in an 8″x8″x8″ footprint

The Tools: Any CAD, ABS 3D printer, silicone fast-curing thermoplastic

The Focus: Manufacturing quality, mold design, learning how to vent and gate

The Process:

Ideation in sketches


The most practical and useful of the design ideas were small stands that would hold a laptop at an ergonomic angle.

Moving to CAD

These stands were modeled

And Solidworks mold tools were used to make a mold for the two

In order to maximize the number of parts the printer could batch, the molds were split up and printed separately

The part was then cast with two-part curing silicone after spraying the mold with a release agent

And removed from the ABS

The stands were designed to work with a 2010 MacBook Pro, and did their job fantastically well, both supporting the laptop and avoiding the heating problems that come from leaving it sitting on flat surfaces