The inspiration: Cars are beautiful. However do the designers go through their design processes?



They make clay models. Let’s learn that.

The Objective: Get familiar with oil-based modeling clay using a foam base

The Tools: polyurethane expanding foam, CM-70 hard modeling clay

The Focus: Dimensional accuracy, aesthetic design, accurate mock-up

The Process:

A bit of sketching


The decision was to model Talking Carl, a character from a silly but endlessly entertaining smartphone application





To make Carl, a rough foam core was hewn out of the polyurethane foam

The hard modeling clay was softened under a heat lamp, and spread over the foam to create an even base

After scoring the right locations, arms and eyes were added

And a larynx, which is important when you have a lot to say like Carl

We took some modeling shots, which Carl liked a lot

He even got to feel like a scary monster




Go Carl.